Asian Diet – What about Breakfast

Simon Wong Health Hunter

One of the most obvious things most Westerners observe in the Asian Diet is that there is very little distinction between the foods prepared for the various meals throughout the day. My husband, an American, mentioned this to me early on in our relationship when I served him a vegetable dish with rice and fish for breakfast! Although he kindly made very little of it at the time and even enjoyed it, he explained to me a few days later how there was a western habit to consume special foods for breakfast.

The most important thing in providing proper nutrition for our bodies is that we observe the balance or Ying & Yang in our meals. The other important thing is that we are careful of the quality of the foods we eat. By observing the essence of the Asian Diet, breakfast can still conform to western tastes by following the rules of the Asian Diet. So I am using this section to help with our understanding of nutrition in this regard.

When you read the following section, please remember that I am not talking about processed foods and cereals you buy in a box. They must be unprocessed, only hulled, and contain the bran and germ. No sugars, preservatives, or other chemicals can be added.

You will notice later in this book that I have included a section on what foods we should not eat so here I will mention only the foods I would recommend that are compatible with a healthy Asian Diet.

Oatmeal – In its whole grain form, oats are quite nutritious and when used as breakfast food, they can really provide a healthy way to lose weight and still have a healthy diet. High in the fiber beta-glucan, whole oats are effective in reducing cholesterol. The antioxidant compounds in oats called avenanthramides also protect LDL cholesterol from free radical damage which effectively reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. A mixture of whole oats combined with other whole grain cereals is a great way to take advantage of oats also. Whole grain oatmeal, sweetened with pure honey, with fruit added makes a delightful, delicious, and healthy morning meal. A great way to lose weight too!

Whole Wheat Breads and Cereals are nutritious and safe only if they have been prepared without hydrogenated oils, sugar, and preservatives. Whole wheat toast with honey can be a delicious and nutritious part of breakfast. Organic eggs poached in rice vinegar on top of whole wheat toast is another idea. Whole wheat which is unrefined is high in manganese, dietary fiber, tryptophan, and magnesium. Simply not using refined wheat flour will protect you from diabetes, cardiovascular disease, visceral obesity, and low HDL cholesterol.

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