How to Improve your Health and Beauty by Natural Skin Care

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Approach your skin care options using logic. Like everything else, it should make sense. Sometimes, when we are so concerned with our beauty or desperately seeking relief from discomfort and pain, we can tend to forget this simple fact.

Your objective with skin care may be to heal problems such as eczema and acne; or it may be to have a skin care regime that keeps a healthy skin glow. These objectives can never honestly be achieved using chemical skin care products. It is because many of the chemicals used in these skin care products are themselves, harmful to your skin. Natural, chemical-free skin care is superior skin care and delivers the results you are looking for.

Chemical based skin care is full of solvents, preservatives and active ingredients that are great for manufacturing purposes yet are bad for your skin. Chemicals like:

Propylene Glycol – a solvent made from petrochemicals and used in moisturizers and fragrance oils. It can cause acne and dermatitis. It may inhibit cell growth. It is linked to kidney and liver problems and causes irregular skin lightening in dark skin people.
Butyl Alcohol – another solvent made from petrochemicals, which also can cause dermatitis and when inhaled, causes breathing problems and dizziness.
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate – a detergent made from petrochemicals, that is added to soaps, shampoos and even toothpaste. It is harsh and very drying to the skin, scalp and hair.
PABA – also made from petrochemicals – whose source is crude oil – and is used in sunscreens to block/absorb UV sun-rays. It is also known to cause eczema and skin rashes.

The list of chemicals and adverse reactions are endless.

Therefore, you are actually defeating your purpose and even causing further damage and ill health.

Although we have been led to believe that all the chemicals are necessary and we need them for effective skin care, this is not true. Nature provides plants that supply oils and extracts that are full of nourishing nutrients and that gently heal and invigorate the skin.

Natural, chemical free skin care products provide you with natural ways to revitalize skin. Organic botanical skin care and organic herbal skin care are far superior to chemical laden skin care. The natural products are so much safer and provide real and lasting solutions for skin maintenance, repair and healing.

Nature provides some wonderful plants that are used in natural skin care products:

  • Aloe Vera is a wonderful plant which soothes, hydrates and heals your skin. It also heals burns.
  • Soapwort and Sage Extract are natural, gentle skin cleansers and purifiers.
  • For oily skin, Black Walnut, Horsetail and Watercress are especially gentle astringents with super nutrients like Vitamin A, calcium and silicon and fatty acids.
  • Comfrey has Allantoin, which softens and protects the skin and aids in healing tissues.
  • Calendula is a skin softener that helps reduce fine lines. It is also very healing.
  • Lecithin helps to maintain correct skin ph, while it softens and protects skin.
  • Alfalfa Extract is potent with nutrients that nourish and heal skin.

These are just a few of nature’s blessing to us. Reputable natural skin care product companies use these natural ingredients, along with oils like vitamin E and fruit essences such as citrus. There are so many healing plants, foods and oils that the choices are just endless and endlessly enjoyable to use. You definitely won’t miss the chemical products you once used and you will not be missing out at all, because all natural, chemical free products are the best!

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