Preventing Tonsil Stones with Prescription Mouthwash

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Preventative Oral Health Measures

Bad breath can be caused by a variety of health complications. If you recently suffered from a throat or tonsil infection, your chronic case of bad breath may be caused by a temporary complication with tonsil stones. Once treated and resolved, these stones are more likely to recur unless there is an aggressive approach to preventing tonsil stones.

If you experienced the development of white small lumps of foul-smelling particles in your tonsils, then you’ve experienced, firsthand, the effects of a tonsil infection that cause tonsilloliths to develop. Once afflicted with this complication, it is often quite difficult to remedy the bad breath complication and, as a result, your doctor will need to prescribe medications, including prescription mouthwash to remedy the complication.

After facing tonsilloliths, and the embarrassment that comes with them, tonsil stones prevention in the future should be your next health concern of issue. If you feel you may be at a greater risk for developing the complication again, then keeping the prescription mouthwash on-hand, as a preventative measure, may be prudent.

While preventing them is not guaranteed with preventative mouthwash, there is a greater likelihood that you can avoid a recurrence of this type of complication by diligently washing the mouth out whenever there is any presence of symptoms that seem to be associated with a tonsil infection.

Some doctors may not be willing to prescribe prescription mouthwash for tonsilloliths as a preventative measure and, in most cases, you must have documented recurrence of the complication before a preventative type prescription will be provided. If you find that your physician is not willing to provide the preventative mouthwash, then consider asking a dentist as they are often more willing to prescribe prescription mouthwash on a regular basis.

While not all cases of tonsil stones will recur, there is a great likelihood that once you’ve developed this complication your tonsils will be more likely to slough off tissue in the future, thereby developing such annoying stones more easily. If you are concerned about your oral health and your breath, preventing these stones can typically be successful with diligent use of a mouthwash as recommended by your doctor.

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